Flamenco + Spanish Restaurant: El Cid


Good food with entertainment in a cozy theater. Specializes in Spanish food and Flamenco.



We were able to seat right in front of the stage because a friend of mine made areservation early on, and we arrived early.

They did happy birthday song for everyone who was having a birthday (in Spanish) so it might be a nice choice for your special day of the year.

I’ve never seen Flamenco before let alone up close like this place. The beat of claps and castanets were intense! Steps are really fast and I could see why the word ‘passionate’ is often used when someone describes Flamenco.

They have variety of entertainment other than Flamenco as well. They also accept booking for private events.


We had Sangria, Patatas Bravas (potato wedges spiced in Spanish style), and Paella De Mariscos (traditional Spanish dish served with rice and seafood).

Sangria was fresh and sweet (I usually don’t drink but didn’t cough on this one).
Patatas Bravas was served with brava sauce which was not spicy. We got it with Chorizo which was savory and went well with the potatoes.
Seafood in Paella De Mariscos was good quality though some clamps were not cooked thoroughly. It was interesting that they also had vegetarian Paella.


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