Q&A for International OTD Students 01

Q. What visa should I get? A. Most likely F1. If you are doing paid residency, off campus, you can get CPT (Curricular Practical Training) to get paid. You would need to contact your program director, and an adviser from office of international students for this.  Q. Can I do 40 hours per week at my residency with F1 visa during the summer semester?  … More Q&A for International OTD Students 01

GRE Study Tools

High GRE score is often one of the most basic qualification to apply for a graduate school program in the states. Below are some of the study tools that I found useful. 1. ETS GRE: go to the source ETS is the governing institution for the GRE test (and also for the TOEFL test). So it … More GRE Study Tools