NBCOT OTED – Electives

The new semester is starting soon for most students.

When you try to select your electives, check US Occupational Therapy Educational Standards to make sure that you will be qualified to take the NBCOT exam after graduation. Some coursework may have additional guidelines your have to follow. Click the links for the details.

This is the standards that NBCOT uses to compare your education to decide if you have the education that is compatible to US OT master’s education. (a.k.a Occupational Therapist Eligibility Determination: OTED).

Make sure that you covered everything on this list and per guidelines, then you may avoid all the hassles of having to find, pay for, and take additional continuing education courses before taking the exam. But beware, you can’t be 100% sure that you will be qualified until you actually go through the process. Although this is your best shot, the result is very case by case. I know, that’s kinda annoying; even though I did cover everything as much as I could, I was nervous until I actually got the email saying that I was qualified.


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