VCVC vs Work Visa

VCVC vs Work Visa

You need to get VCVC to apply for work visa (H1B) as an occupational therapist.


What is VCVC?

It is basically a document issued by NBCOT proving that you are as qualified to work in the States as other US therapists. This is an immigration document that the department of immigration requires if you are in a profession that requires more qualification than others.


If you are working as an OT in the States, you probably already went through all the lengthy process of proving your education, and field work experience to be qualified to take NBCOT exam. But you still need this extra proof for work visa application. Apparently your license is not enough to prove that. (If it’s any consolation, apparently there are some other professions that require this process too.)


My Experience

I know it can be annoying and confusing that you have to prove your qualification again. But thankfully this is much more simple and predictable. You just mail in your application which is about 3-5 pages depends on how many information you need to include. I received some emails inquiring about some gaps between college and grad school, and whether I had some experience abroad. But that was about it.

To sum up, you need to get VCVC to apply for H1B as an OT. It can change but it took me some weeks so plan accordingly. Just write in all the information they require as clearly as you can, but it’s not something to be too stressed about.


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