Housing After Graduation

When it’s time to graduate and you are not sure where to go next, finding temporary housing could be tricky. This can be an issue especially if you are living in a dorm where you have to move out right after the semester.

If you can, try staying around the university for a couple of months. There are many temporary summer housing available from the people who will be going away for the summer. Also, it is easier to move because it’s close by, and easier to access to the resources that your school provides to students and alumni (e.g. career center).

You might think that you don’t want to move twice and find a place to settle ASAP. But unless you already know where to work, having flexibility in where to go will tremendously expand your job opportunity (remember, you already have some limitation as an international applicant). Most people who settled earlier had a family, offer, or willing to deal with long commute.

My friends from USC, this is especially true for you because the main campus is located in central area of Greater Los Angeles area. If you are a graduating OT who is interested in pediatric clinics, I’ve seen more well-known clinics closer to west or the beaches.

Congratulations and good luck!


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