NBCOT Study Tips and Tools

Everybody has different study style. I personally found it helpful to repeat practice questions as many as possible.

Click titles for their links!

1. AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep 

I found this website most helpful because 1) it provides summaries 2) has a lot of practice questions 3) it’s computer based so helps me focus and similar to the actual test 4) it has exam mode so you can take as many practice exam as you want – it really helps with timing and pacing 5) it provides references and some explanation for each answer. So you can find out why you got certain questions wrong.

Only downside I see is the price which is currently $149.00 for AOTA members and $50 more for non-members. But still totally worth it because it really helped me to pass a test that costs more than $500 to retake!

2. National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam Review and Study Guide

This is actually the book I started study with because most of my class got it together. This book is relatively thorough and full of information. So I found it relatively boring but I also think it’s worth going through at least once.

It has practice exam CD which contains about 3 tests – you can – mix the questions and do more practice tests as well. Most people I talked to got 60~70% on this test before they passed NBCOT – so this was on difficult side compare to the actual test.

The best way to get this book might be to get it from someone who took it last year. But they might have published a new edition so you might want to check first. You can also buy as a group and get discount. According to Google it’s $85.

3. OT Exam-  Help for international applicants and test takers

This is a group specifically made for international applicants who wants to get OT registration/license in the US. Feel free to ask questions to your fellow applicants!

4. NBCOT Prep Facebook Page

It has various current information on OT as well as the NBCOT exam. They also give you some practice questions and it’s helpful to see everyone’s comment on them. So it helps to keep things bit more interesting and it’s free!

5. AOTA NBCOT Prep Facebook Group

It’s a public community of people who are studying for NBCOT exam. You can find helpful study tips, study materials, and answers to your questions from other members.  You don’t know any friend in you area who is studying for NBCOT? You are not alone!

6. Summary Tip

Personal preference:

 AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep >>>>>

 National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam Review and Study Guide >

 OT Exam-  Help for international applicants and test takers>

NBCOT Prep Facebook Page  / AOTA NBCOT Prep Facebook Group

Overall, if it’s easier for you to study through practice questions like me or if it’s hard for you to get the book, I’d recommend you to use AOTA’s NBCOT Exam Prep over anything else. If you want to be thorough, start with National Occupational Therapy Certification Exam Review and Study Guide – they may not be as on the test as the AOTA’s prep website, but it’s all useful information for therapists. Get some help from the Facebook page and group when you have some questions.

Please comment or email if you have any other study tool that you found helpful, or if you have any remaining questions!

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