GRE Study Tools

High GRE score is often one of the most basic qualification to apply for a graduate school program in the states.

Below are some of the study tools that I found useful.

1. ETS GRE: go to the source

ETS is the governing institution for the GRE test (and also for the TOEFL test). So it is the best place to go to test the waters, and get basic ideas about the test structure. Their website have free practice test (both in downloadable software, and PDF version), sample questions, math review/conventions, instructional videos, strategies and tips. They also have some study materials for purchase, both online and offline (books), including online writing practice.

2. Barron’s GRE: the books

There are many books for GRE study that you can find at local bookstores and libraries. ETS  I preferred Barron’s because they were available and had good reputation. I didn’t read the entire book. I just read some pointers about test structure, strategies, and did the sample questions.

Now their website has free video course and 100 practice questions for free.

3. Hackers GRE: online community/study materials in Korean

This website is in Korean but I’m still introducing it here because it was one of the main study material I used. Many people share their study experience and strategies, and school information. Nice thing about Hackers GRE’s study materials is that they are often presented in small amount of daily study size. So it was easy to study for a short time whenever I have a couple of minutes.

Magoosh GRE Blog seems to have similar contents and in English.

4. Others

Kaplan: another classic in test prep. They have both books, and online study materials/practice tests for free and pay.
McGraw-Hill Education: Prep books and free online study materials. They also have full-length GRE practice tests for free as well.
Anki, Quizlet: these are some applications that works as flash cards. You can find GRE flash cards set or make your own.

My general advice is to do as many practice questions as possible. Memorizing vocab was one of the biggest challenge for me, and it was the most helpful to memorize the words I didn’t understand in the practice questions because they provide some contexts.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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